Why Join Refer-On

Refer-On provides an environment which enables you to develop personal relationships with many other business professionals.

We provide the structure to help you to nurture these relationships, and enable you to profit, contribute and share a collective as well as very individual business success.

From the first day you will become part of our personalised development programme designed to help you maximise the benefits of your membership. After all, the whole objective of joining Refer-On is to win you more business. We will take a keen interest in your progress and make and create opportunities for you through helping you to take part in those value added programmes we feel will benefit you. This will help you to ensure that you both maintain and achieve your personal business objectives as quickly as possible.

Your networking activity need not be confined to weekly meetings as you will be invited to attend various gatherings and functions; some formal and some social to develop a synergy with other Refer-On members as we appreciate the importance that our members attach to casting their net far and wide.

Referred business is the most cost effective business builder. Paying for advertising is fine in its own right but referral marketing is a highly cost effective option. At least you know how your money is returning your investment!

In short, through our supportive and personalised programmes, Refer-On will help you achieve your business goals.