What is a Refer-On Hub?

A Hub is where members meet to build better businesses by help, support and encouragement. They are connected as though by a grid across the country.

Refer-On is dedicated to providing a framework and Shared Learning that will help your business prosper. Being a Refer-On member gives your business unique access to a vibrant networking community based on friendly, relaxed meetings – plus new ways of finding you business.

Refer-On hubs meet weekly for breakfast, or weekly during the evening. There are no referral obligations, no attendance rules, no hassle and no pressure, just opportunities to build trust and knowledge through collaborative networking, Shared Learning about what you do, and taking a turn ‘in the spotlight’ so that other members can get to know you better.

And here’s the Refer-On difference: Not only do you benefit from regular contact with members in your own hub, your membership also gives you the opportunity to visit other Refer-on hubs, as many as you like and whenever you like. You can join an exchange visit organised by your home hub or go as an individual guest. Just liaise with the relevant hub manager to confirm your visit.