What is a Refer-On Hub?

We have meetings designed to help build better businesses, by help support and encouragement. The collective noun for that collection of people and the venue, which houses those meetings is a Hub. It is where you find Shared Learning.

Is it the person or the company membership?

For companies and businesses with a turnover of less than £2,500,000 the company joins. This allows 2 members from one company to network on different days. If you want both members to regularly network on the same day (say a Friday) then that would mean two memberships.

Do I have to stand and present to the Hub?

We don’t have rules that say you “must” present. If you feel uncomfortable our managers and experienced members will happily support you through the process of gaining confidence. They will also help you craft 60 second presentations.

Can you help me get my point across to the Hub?

Absolutely. Part of membership is continual education and help with networking skills.

What happens if I cannot attend every week?

It will be unfortunate and you will not get the best from Refer-On.

Where can I find a Hub?

Check out “Find a Hub” on the homepage. If there is not a suitable location. Send a message through the site.

Can I belong to another Networking organisation?

Yes, we encourage networking in all it’s forms.

What happens if a similar business sector wants to join?

We try and run our Hubs in areal world situation. Where in the real world can you lock out competition, except by offering peerless service and great prices? Very often we find that similar business sectors can help each other and create alliances. What a huge advantage that is!

What happens if I get a rush job?

Networking should be an important part of your marketing plan. We recommend that you “lock down” the time spent for networking. If it is imperative that you miss a meeting then please let the Hub manager know.

What is the dress Code?

Just dress as you would for your business. We suggest you “dress up” rather than “dress down”

As a New Member what are the rules I abide by?

Please cherish the venue and it’s staff. Let the Hub manager know if you cannot attend a meeting. Do as you would be done by!

Who can Join Refer-On?

Anyone wanting to find business or give business to another business. From a one-man band to corporate.

What’s in it for me?

A massive range of contacts. You are not limited by being a member of a single Hub. You have access to Hubs all over the country. We begin building Hubs in Europe very soon. Watch this space. More business. A community of people wanting to help and support.

Why does Refer-On work for its members?

Because we build better businesses by help, support and encouragement.

What are the benefits of joining Refer-On?

Your networking activity is not just confined to the meetings of your home hub. There is an open invitation to attend other hub meetings whenever you wish and at no extra cost. There are also a host of other functions from twice yearly hub showcase events to summer barbeques to widen your networking reach.