Why not join an elite band of businesses? Gain from their huge experience and learn how to get the best from networking. First find a suitable Refer-On Hub and then contact the Hub manager so you can begin the journey to success by Shared Learning.

You can try us twice and then the Hub manager will guide you through the joining process. There are only two rules, cherish the venues and do as you would be done by!

Join this very special association of business owners, business leaders and independent professionals organised through a nationwide grid of interconnected hubs in major economic areas of the country. Its key objective is to contribute to building better businesses and commercial awareness through help, support and encouragement.

Our mission is to craft and continually deliver true business value to Business Owners, Business Leaders, Independent Professionals and new entrants to the world of commerce, such as Public Sector leavers and those leaving the Services, throughout the UK. We will sustain and enhance the culture of help, support and encouragement in a friendly, relaxed and professional atmosphere.

We also have 10 points of culture, which have been selected to create a company with integrity. Accountability, Honesty, Excellence, Respect for others, Positivity, Open to learning, Leadership, Life balance, Gratitude and Social responsibility.