The central goal of Refer-On is to help your business grow.

Totally relaxed and friendly weekly meetings are held in your local area which is attended by many business professionals. The aim of Refer-On is to promote and develop relationships within these groups, which allows an abundance of qualified referrals to be passed on with confidence. Through our comprehensive and varied program Refer-On helps members gain a solid understanding of how your business works and the type of clients you are looking for.

Our comprehensive and varied programme includes a training schedule to help you become successful which combined with a well honed agenda is designed to ensure you are given every opportunity of putting yourself in the spotlight. It will help both you and your company on the road to business success.

Your networking activity need not be confined to weekly meetings. You will also be invited to attend various gatherings and functions, some formal, some social, which will also help you to develop synergy with other Refer-On members to ensure you are able to network far and wide. Refer-On encourages you to visit other groups and at no extra cost to the value of joining!

To sum up: referred business is the most cost effective way for you to grow and develop your business. It is accountable. Our supportive and personalised programmes will help you achieve your business goals. So ask us today about either joining as a member or opening and running a group near you, to enable us to help you take your first very important step in growing your business.

You will be assured a very friendly and helpful welcome at all times.